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Ten kilomitres from Pandemonium to the world’s end.

A scarlet-white airliner “Airasia” landed in the Changi airport [1] . Bali, the island of the setting Sun, was left behind, and the Chakri Dynasty [2] citadel, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon [3] , and three last august days in Singapore... (Читать полностью)

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The legend of Mount Bromo.

It was a warm evening. I stopped a small truck and asked: — Where are you going, man? — To Bromo. Get into the car. I’ll give you a ride. Together with my companion Olya, we got into the truck... (Читать полностью)

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Lao wedding.

In the hands of Lao police. I am in Vientiane in my favorite café “Mekong Riverside” with breakfast in front of me. Two young ladies in police uniform lift their beer mugs at a table across the hall. And it... (Читать полностью)

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Sleepover at a Buddhist monastery.

What to do in Asia alone and without money? My travels are never high-budgeted. I hitch-hike and spend 1-2 dollars a day on food. What else would I need? Probably, just a place to sleep at. So, I am in... (Читать полностью)

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